NAILSMA I-Tracker Initiative wins two Banksia Environmental Awards 2012 


Cath Sale (CFOC), Rod Kennett (NAILSMA), Alison Liddy (Lama Lama Rangers), Micha Jackson (NAILSMA), Jenny Creek (Kalan Rangers), Chris Sampi (Bardi Jawi Rangers), Dion Cooper (Djelk Rangers) and Joe Morrison (NAILSMA) 

The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd based at Charles Darwin University has won two categories of the prestigious Banksia environmental awards, the:

* Land and Biodiversity - Preserving our Ecosystems Award, and
* Indigenous Award - Caring for Country.

The NAILSMA I-Tracker program, which supports Indigenous land and sea managers across north Australia, has been recognised for innovative solutions to the challenge of monitoring and conserving biodiversity on Indigenous lands and seas in north Australia.

'Our I-Tracker program is fundamentally advancing land management in Australia, by giving Indigenous communities the power to record, analyse and map their own data', said Joe Morrison - CEO of NAILSMA Ltd.

Mr. Morrison said, 'Indigenous rangers are often the only locally-based land managers in remote and regional Australia, and I-Tracker equips rangers with the same state-of-the-art tools and technologies as other land managers around the globe'.

Mr. Morrison congratulated the finalists for the 2012 Banksia Awards saying, 'all finalists are making important contributions to the conservation of Australia’s unique cultural and natural heritage'.

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