Farewell seminar celebrates 15 years of research  


Associate Professor Mogens Gissel Nielsen and Dorthe Birkemose of University of Aarhus, Denmark will present a farewell seminar at CDU this Friday, 19 February.

Mogens and his wife Dorthe have visited Darwin every year for the last 15 years to study the fascinating mangrove ants (Camponotus anderseni) the useful and industrious green ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) and other strange ants.

Mogens will present a review of many years of work unlocking the ecology and biology of these wonderful animals.

Besides the scientific work, the couple has also travelled a lot in Australia and developed an interest in Aboriginal culture and art, which resulted in exhibitions of  Aboriginal art and culture in Greenland and Denmark.

Dorthe will present her story of weaving the link between ants and art, while working with Mogens during his long field program.

Their 15-year research work in Australia has been sponsored by the Danish Governmental  Research Foundation and the Carlsberg Foundation.

For more information about publications arising from this research and about the University of Aarhus, visit http://person.au.dk/en/mogens.gissel.nielsen@biology.au.dk/pub 

This School of Environment and Life Sciences seminar is at CDU's Casuarina campus, from 3pm to 4pm, in the Seminar Room, Yellow 1.1.39, followed by a reception sponsored by Carlsberg.

For catering purposes please RSVP to Hale Williams  E: hale.williams@cdu.edu.au by Wednesday 17th February.