Research grant to help birds adapt to climate change 

CDU's Professor Stephen Garnett hopes to help preserve birds for future generations

A project to help Australian birds adapt to our changing climate has been awarded a grant of more than $330, 000.

Charles Darwin University Professor Stephen Garnett is the chief investigator of a project entitled “Adaptation strategies for Australian birds” and was awarded $337,000 as part of $4.2 million in grants to meet National climate change adaptation research priorities.

“Our climate is likely to change so much that many birds may need human help to survive,” Professor Garnett said.

“For some, dispersal corridors may be needed to allow the birds to follow their ideal climate as it shifts.

“Others may need our help to cross barriers as their favoured habitat shifts across the landscape and some may even need to be taken into captivity.”

Professor Garnett said the project would identify what needs to be done in the next 20 to 50 years to enable our children to appreciate the same birds that we inherited.

The funding is part of Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency $4.2 million in grants to meet the research priorities detailed in the National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility (NCCARF) National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plans.