NT voice calls for strong governance for Indigenous Australians 


CDU Associate Professor of Economics Dr Sivaram (Ram) Vemuri

An expert with more than 22 years experience in applying Indigenous knowledge to achieving Indigenous economic improvement and sustainable development will address a conference in Sydney this month.

Charles Darwin University’s Associate Professor of Economics Dr Sivaram (Ram) Vemuri has worked on several research and consultancy projects related to Indigenous economic development and will speak at the 2nd Annual Indigenous Governance for Sustained Development.

Dr Vemuri said Australians were obliged to ask the inevitable question: where are we headed in terms of Indigenous Australia?

“If we ignore this fundamental question and maintain the status quo, tensions and conflicts will result that may be difficult to redress adequately, efficiently and equitably in the not too distant future.”

Dr Vemuri will present his theoretical framework around developing functional Indigenous governance, oriented at maintaining Indigenous identity in the context of sustained development in Australia.

“A holistic framework accommodating different perceptions is needed to facilitate the evaluation of alternate policies for addressing both Indigenous and non-Indigenous concerns to develop strong governance,” Dr Vemuri said.

Four influential aspects of functional governance need to be explored while developing the framework. They are: policy making, leadership, managerial styles and institutional architecture.

Dr Vemuri’s work over the past 30 years has involved applying economic expertise to issues of community concern.

The 2nd Annual Indigenous Governance for Sustained Development - Implementing mutual accountability for long-term social and economic outcomes will be held from the 18 to 19 May in Sydney.