E-learning studios open doors 

Barbara White explains EStudio pedagogy to interested teaching staff

CDU has just launched three E-learning studios on Casuarina campus.

The School of Engineering and IT and the School of Academic Language and Learning have worked on the project led by Barbara White (SEIT) to develop innovative learning spaces.

Ms Nicola Rolls, from the School of Academic Language and Learning, said the
project involved refurbishing and equipping existing classrooms, two to accommodate 50 students each and one with a 15-student capacity.

“This refurbishment includes the provision of laptop or tablet PCs for individual student use in the classroom, state-of-the-art furnishing, smart boards and technology for collaborative learning,” she said.

“By  modernising our classroom spaces to support the university’s commitment to flexible learning pathways, and to student-centred, technology-mediated pedagogies, we place the university at the forefront of quality and effectiveness in teaching and learning, and ensure equitable learning experiences for our students regardless of mode or demographic,” Ms Rolls said.

“Incorporating these technologies as an integral part of classroom activities at CDU will allow our broad demographic of students to engage with learning in a variety of ways, so that individuals’ learning styles and cultural orientations can be incorporated into the experience.”

Students in these spaces will now be enabled to:
* research and extract information via the web to augment classroom discussion;
* utilise the WP function to record information and apply what is being learned in situ;
* engage with Learnline, Wimba live classrooms, Wikis and Blogs to interact with each other synchronously regardless of mode;
* access a range of extra technologies for IT and design-oriented units, to put learning into practise.