Conversation starter to help unpack hot topics in climate debate 


Professional community engagement facilitator Dr Kath Fisher will bring her expertise in “deliberative democracy” to the Living with Climate Change Symposium in Darwin next week.

Dr Fisher will hold centre stage on the afternoon of Day 3 as participants gather for “a conversation” about some of the themes raised by community leaders, academics and other experts over the previous two days of the Charles Darwin Symposium.

“Deliberative democracy is an approach that draws on the common sense and civic mindedness of ordinary people concerned about issues that affect their communities,” she said.

“It brings together ordinary people and experts for a considered conversation and will allow people an opportunity to engage with clear and balanced information on climate change in a way that they may not have done previously.

“Participants will share and think through ideas, consider the consequences and deliberate among themselves about what needs to be done as a community.”

Dr Fisher is well versed in participatory democracy and deliberative processes dealing with climate change, having facilitated the NSW Climate Summit, the Local Voices project in Victoria and World Wide Views on Global Warming, among others.

The Charles Darwin Symposium will take place at the Holiday Inn Esplanade in Darwin on October 12-14. Attendance is free, but registration is essential.

Dr Fisher will facilitate the following sessions on October 14:

* “Contributions and Conversations” (1.30pm – 3pm) which will be based on topics such as Indigenous / local regional government and long-term impacts

* “Establishing Dialogue” (3.30pm – 5pm) which will be based on topics such as cities and health food security.

The Symposium is an initiative of the CDU / NTG Partnership agreement.