Climate change experts to headline Darwin Symposium 

Symposium Co-chair Professor Andrew Campbell says we need to develop responses to climate change that are tailored for the unique needs of northern and central Australia

At this year’s Charles Darwin Symposium, evidence will be presented that human-induced climate change is a reality and human adaptation is a necessity, as is the development of policy to prepare for the future impacts of climate change in the Territory.

The 2011 Symposium, an initiative of Charles Darwin University and the Northern Territory Government under their Partnership Agreement, will bring together some of Australia’s leading climate change experts to explore avenues for adapting to climate change.

CDU’s Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods Director and Symposium Co-chair Professor Andrew Campbell said that speakers would explore issues such as lessons for the built environment in the NT, and the converging insecurities of climate change on health, energy, food and water.

“We won’t just be talking about the issues and risks, but the implications of climate change and the need for all of us, through concerted joint action, to adapt to the impacts of climate change,” Professor Campbell said. “We need to develop responses that are tailored for our unique needs here in northern and central Australia, for climate change impacts that will play out during our lifetimes, and those of our kids.

“As part of the Symposium we aim to build knowledge and understanding, and identify how we can best respond and adapt to climate change.  In essence, it’s about trying to manage the unavoidable, and avoid the unmanageable.”

Professor Campbell said the Symposium would have broad appeal in exploring the potential consequences for individuals and organisations on northern Australia’s relaxed lifestyle and recreational interests, and north Australian homes and home owners.

“The Symposium also provides the opportunity to explore the impacts of climate change and investigate practical strategies for adaptation at home, at work, and at play,” he said.

The Symposium, entitled “Living with climate change: at home, at work, at play”, will be held from the 12 to 14 October at the Holiday Inn Esplanade Darwin.

The learn more about the program and to register for the free public event, visit W: