CDU Common Unit program wins national acclaim 

Jenny Silburn, Nicola Rolls, Elizabeth Foggo-Thynne and CDU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Barney Glover

CDU received a number of accolades at the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Award ceremony held in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House on August 16th.

Three citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning were awarded to CDU staff: Ruth Billany, Stephane Bouchoucha and Greg Heins. In addition to these, the Common Unit Program received a program award for making “an outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and the quality of the student experience”.

The Common Unit program is  one of six programs recognised nationally in the 2011 Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning.  Through its units providing, academic skill development and contextual and cultural knowledge, the Common Unit Program plays an essential role in assisting our first year students to transition smoothly into higher education.

This prestigious endorsement of the program’s innovativeness and effectiveness in producing tangible results for our students’ success is testimony to the  commitment of the common unit management team to evolve the program in response to increasing student diversity and changing technologies.

Special acknowledgement goes to Professor Charles Webb for his support and mentorship as Chair of the Common Unit Management group since the inception of the program.