CDU establishes Tender Committee 


A Tender Committee has been established at CDU to ensure the highest level of good governance and probity across the procurement process.

The CDU Council approved the establishment of the committee earlier this year. It is now in operation and represents a significant addition to the final approval process of a procurement action.

The new Tender Committee does not replace the existing process for the procurement goods and services. All procurement activity will continue to be co-ordinated by the Manager, Procurement and the staff in the Procurement office, who can be contacted for any assistance with procurement questions.

The committee will be responsible for reviewing the final recommendation from the procurement evaluation process for all requests for proposals, expressions of interest, third party agreements and any other form of procurement where the value of the procurement of goods or services is $50,000 or more.

It will also review all requests for certificates of exemption. The existing process for the procurement of goods and services under $50,000 will remain unchanged. The committee will receive a monthly report on procurement activity below $50,000.

Following this review function, the committee may make a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor to enter into a purchase/supply agreement.