Support sustains sisters 

Sisters Stefany Wayte and Dr Kayli Wild both graduated as a part of CDU's mid-year ceremony.

Sisters Kayli Wild and Stefany Wayte had a double celebration this week when they both graduated from CDU.

Dr Kayli Wild, 31, graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy while her sister, Stefany, 26, graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Honours.

They both acknowledged that the other’s support was critical in their study success.

“Discussing what we’re both doing and how swamped we were, strangely enough, was rather fun and definitely kept us both sane,” Dr Wild said.

During her PhD research, Dr Wild used maternity waiting homes as a case study to examine the factors that influenced the development of maternal health policy and the use of maternity services in Timor-Leste.

“Providing equitable maternity care services for poorer women in rural and remote areas is an ongoing challenge,” she said.

“It is imperative that women who were having difficulties attending maternity establishments have access to transport and outreach birthing services.”

After completing her Honours thesis dealing with civil liability protection of people who donate perishable food for consumption, Ms Wayte said she realised she was attracted toward the reasoning and purposes behind why laws were enacted, drafted and implemented.

“I realised the importance of not only legislating for civil protection, but in the encouragement of civil freedoms and autonomy rather than over-regulating to stifle and restrict it,” she said.

“I hope to work in the arena of government policy, amendments, reform and implementation.”

The extended family travelled from Perth for graduation.