‘Lemons’ could sour Easter driving, auto expert warns 

Auto expert, Gus Sanders puts his vehicle through its paces.

A Territory car expert is urging motorists to get their vehicles up-to-scratch now to avoid tragedy on the roads this Easter.

Charles Darwin University light vehicle automotive lecturer, Gus Sanders said the Easter break was notorious for tragedy on roads nationwide.

“This four days of fun, family and enjoyment is all too often spoilt by appalling scenes on the television and a road toll which is hard to get your head around,” he said.

Mr Sanders is urging Territorians to ensure their vehicles are in a road worthy state leading up to the holiday.

“Territorians face road conditions unlike anywhere else in Australia with the threat of wildlife and monsoonal rains looming,” he said.

“Driving a vehicle is a privilege and a responsibility. Motorists need to ensure their tyres are fully inflated and have enough tread, and brakes, lights and wipers are all in working condition,” he said.

Mr Sanders said that wet weather driving called for some common sense and for some, revisiting the rules of road safety.

“In heavy rains, you simply can’t drive the way you normally would,” he said.

“Slow down, double your distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead and be mindful of leaked oil and diesel, which float on top of water on our roads.”