Darwin-inspired sculpture goes on show 

After the sculpture unveiling (from left) “Drawing Conclusions” artist Paul D. Johnson, Vice-Chancellor Professor Barney Glover and Territory Administrator Mr Tom Pauling AO QC.

CDU has unveiled a six-metre-high public artwork as its final event in a year of celebrations recognising Charles Darwin.

The unveiling on November 24 coincided with the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s major work “On the Origins of Species”.

The artwork, which also marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the British naturalist, was commissioned by CDU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Barney Glover earlier this year.

Entitled “Drawing Conclusions”, the sculpture is by Queensland-based artists Paul D. Johnson and Gail Mason and was chosen from 10 designs submitted by artists from across Australia.

His Honour, Mr Tom Pauling AO QC, Administrator of the Northern Territory, unveiled the work, which is located in the courtyard of the Chancellery on the southern edge of the Casuarina campus.

“Drawing Conclusions” reflects the theme of Darwin’s contribution to science and society.

It shows a microscope overlaid with lines of rigging from a sailing ship. A circular base plate outlines Charles Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle between December 1831 and October 1836, and glass slides depict the division of cells, the fundamental evolutionary process.