Jo’s mind takes flight 

CDU Visual Arts student, Jo Green.

The humble piggybank and motherly advice to "always keep receipts" inspired CDU Visual Arts student Jo Green's third year work.

Entitled "Pigs Might Fly", Jo has produced a series of 3D papier-mache sculptures of larger-than-life piggybanks with wings.

Each sculpture is built on a balloon overlayed with hundreds of receipts and shopping lists. The wings, snout, legs and tail are made from moulding clay and the entire piece is coated with resin for a porcelain-like finish.

The piggybank was a universal symbol for saving money in tough economic times, Jo said.

"The weekly grocery bill always ensures that some of our hard-earned cash literally flies through our hands at the checkout every week.

"The pig's eyes, made from $2 coins, represent society's greed and lust for money."

Jo said that while she was good at drawing at school, she never considered studying it further.

"I did a four-year apprenticeship with a local design company and it was there that I got into visual art and design."

She enrolled in a Bachelor of Visual Arts at CDU and began studying digital media.

"I was inspired by my lecturers to try sculpture and found I really enjoyed it because it was something I could do with my hands.”

Jo said she found her lecturers knowledgeable and supportive.