Lunchtime seminar to unravel integrity bodies 

Professor Ian Thynne will present a free lunchtime seminar on Thursday, 3 September.

A lunchtime address by a governance expert will aim to dispel the mystery surrounding integrity bodies and their workings.

The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) NT, in association with Charles Darwin University’s Governance Program, presents the free lunchtime seminar, Integrity Bodies and Institutional Maturity in Government, on Thursday, 3 September.

CDU’s Chair of Governance, Ian Thynne will present the seminar developed from his research into governance and public management.

Ian said integrity bodies are state institutions with responsibility for monitoring and reviewing public power and activities with the aim of fostering responsible governance and countering any abuse.

“Integrity bodies include legislatures, the courts, administrative tribunals, ombudsmen, electoral commissions, audit offices, anti-corruption authorities, and so on,” he said.

“Their structures, functions, powers and operational modes can and do vary considerably from one to the other, while also having important features in common which distinguish them from other institutions of government and governance.

“The latter features are of particular interest to this address.”

Ian went onto say that integrity bodies continue to raise issues and challenges at the heart of the design, management, outputs and outcomes of government – with significant implications for the levels of maturity through which institutions can progress over time.

The free lunchtime will be held on Thursday, 3 September from 12.00-1.30pm at the Lobby Lounge Holiday Inn Esplanade and is open to IPAA members and non-members alike. No registration is necessary.