CDU lecturer to help light up wintery Melbourne 

Dr Carole Wilson's artwork, "Prism" will once again feature in Melbourne's annual Light in Winter Festival.

The Northern Territory will contribute to the glow of Melbourne’s annual Light in Winter Festival this month.

A Charles Darwin University lecturer has created an artwork to feature in Melbourne’s annual festival, which marks the southern hemisphere’s longest night of the year.

Studio Lecturer and Postgraduate Co-ordinator in CDU’s School of Creative Arts and Humanities, Dr Carole Wilson created her public artwork, “Prism” which has been installed in Melbourne’s Federation Square to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Dr Wilson said her artwork, which will be launched on the Winter Solstice, was created in consultation with members of Melbourne’s Indian community as part of the 2008 Light in Winter project.

“Prism is a cut out fabricated from a highly reflective polymer and was installed high on the corner of a building in Federation Square in it’s original incarnation in 2008 where it reflected the sun and sky during daylight hours and was flooded with coloured light at night,” she said.

“This year it will be installed on panels at a lower street level in the square and be backlit.

“The images included were chosen after much discussion to reflect various aspects of Indian culture including religious and spiritual traditions, sporting traditions and a rapidly growing economy.”

Dr Wilson said that the festival, directed by renowned performer and artist Robyn Archer, would bring together artists, designers and communities to explore their ideas of light, enlightenment and hope.

“On 20 June, 13 of Melbourne’s diverse communities will bring more light to winter and to the Square with the gift of light.

“Melbourne’s community is invited to share in this celebration with music and performance on the weekend of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year which marks the heralding of longer, brighter days.”

In its third year, The Light in Winter is Federation Square's annual winter festival and is a celebration of community life for Melbourne centred around light.