Industry friendly work wins international award 


A paper discussing innovative futures for Electronic Information Systems (EIS) has won an international award for best industry paper at the recent 9th International Continuous Innovation Network Conference (CINet).

Co-author and Charles Darwin University Head of School Law and Business, Professor Phil Bretherton, attended the 9th CINet conference, Radical Challenges in Innovation Management, held in Valencia, Spain from 5-9 September.

The paper, The Role of Cross-Functional Teams on the Alignment Between Technological Innovation Effectiveness and Operational Effectiveness, won the Best Paper Award for Industry Impact and addressed both challenges and futures for EIS.

Professor Bretherton said it was common for organisations to invest heavily in EIS only to find that it doesn’t meet their needs.

“Essentially, the way forward is to involve the end user in the system design,” he said.

“If systems design is left solely to the IT experts and engineers, it may work technically but it often lacks the user friendly support and information required by the organisation.

Professor Bretherton said the conference featured a number of innovation cases for industry and academia to learn or analyse, plus challenges from industry that academic research could address.

“As organisations strive to achieve a synergistic balance between short-term oriented, operationally effective exploitation strategies and longer-term, flexibility-oriented exploration strategies, the rapid growth of the global knowledge economy has placed learning at the centre of this critical balance.”

The Continuous Innovation Network (CINet) is a global network set up to bring together researchers and industrialists working in the field of Continuous Innovation. The mission of CINet is to develop into a school of thought on Continuous Innovation.