Mohamed Elgendi talks at Stanford 

Mohamed Elgendi at Stanford University

Mohamed Elgendi with Professor Lotfi Zadeh, the Father of Fuzzy Logic

Charles Darwin University PhD candidate Mohamed Elgendi has returned from Stanford University, USA, where he recently presented a paper discussing his current PhD research.

Mohamed presented his paper entitled, Premature Atrial Complexes Detection using Fisher Linear Discriminant, on 14 August as a part of the International Conference on Cognitive Informatics held at Stanford University from 14-16 August.

Mohamed’s presentation discussed his current PhD research at CDU and the research tools and methods currently used by Biomedical Signal Analysis researchers.

“The support I have received from CDU to complete my PhD has given me the added confidence to achieve my bigger dreams,” he said.

“My experience at CDU is unbelievable. Last year I was awarded a scholarship from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to attend the Professional Institute's program, Data and Models in Engineering, Science and Business, held on the MIT campus and this year accepted paper in Stanford University.

“It is a great opportunity to collaborate with international networks of talented colleagues through my PhD in CDU.”

“The support of my supervisors, Friso De Boer and Mirjam Jonkman, has enabled me to participate in the top-ranked engineering conference worldwide for which I’m most grateful,” he said.

“I would like to thank Dr Karen Gibb for her help to improve the outlook of PhD students at CDU by supporting them to interact with other excellent national and international research centres in the field,” he said.