Indigenous Community Engagement at Charles Darwin University 


The drivers of successful engagement with Indigenous people and their communities will be discussed at a seminar at Charles Darwin University (CDU) in Alice Springs.

The Indigenous Community Engagement Research Project identified key aspects of CDU’s teaching and research programs that enabled them to deliver mutual benefit to both the university and Indigenous people and their communities.

It will be presented by Matt Campbell of CDU’s School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge systems.

The project was built upon on questionnaires, interviews and collaboratively developed case studies involving Indigenous community members from eleven different contexts.

It identified areas where CDU’s engagement is valued and acknowledged, and others where its efforts for various reasons, fail to benefit the Indigenous communities.

The report makes recommendations for changing structures and practices at CDU to enhance our current practices.

Those who attend the seminar will be encouraged to provide feedback and detail their own perspectives on successful community engagement.

The seminar will be held in the lecture theatre of the Higher Education building of CDU's Alice Springs campus at 12.30pm .

For more information about the seminar and to register, please contact Matt on 89595274 or 0408355928.