Top End Health Study returns to CDU 


Charles Darwin University’s Menzies School of Health Research is offering students and their friends a chance to participate in the exciting new ‘Top End Cohort Study’ and receive their free health checks on campus.

To date the study has involved 100 participants, but with a target of 300 to reach the team at Menzies is returning to CDU’s Casuarina campus.

The ‘Top End Cohort Study’ is a new and exciting look at the physical and emotional wellbeing of youth born in Darwin between the years of 1987 – 1991. Participation involves attending one of the health check clinics.

Clinics will be held at CDU’s Casuarina campus in the Nursing Laboratory 2 (Blue 5.1.48 - formerly 23.1.48) from Tuesday, 5 August to Friday, 8 August.

“The clinic is a full health check up with the emphasis being on your choice,” said project leader, Dr. Gurmeet Singh.

“We offer a range of checks - including body measurements, taking your weight, blood pressure and ultrasounds of your kidneys, thyroid and carotid (artery in your neck) - but the decision about which checks to take part in is yours.

“We would also ask some questions about your general health and your emotional wellbeing and get you to participate in computer game that tests your memory and reaction times.”

“We will also ask permission to contact you in 4-5 years to monitor your ongoing health and well being,” she said.

Dr. Singh explained that the health of adolescents as a group is understudied and that this is partly due to their reluctance to present to health care facilities for general health checks.  Yet, by their teens the silent progression towards chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease is likely to have already started.

This new study will aim to provide health researchers with information about the early determinants of chronic diseases including the consequences of smoking and being over weight in young Australians. It will also give valuable insights into the current state of vascular, renal, metabolic and emotional health in this age group.

All participants will also receive a thank you gift of a movie voucher.

People born in Darwin between the years of 1987 – 1991 are encouraged to call Belinda on 89228701 to arrange a time for their free health check or logon to our website at for more information.