Creative Arts and Humanities artist's forum 

Parallel Worlds, 240x240cm, oil painting and printing on paper, 2008

CDU PhD student Caroline Rannersberger presents the next in the Creative Arts and Humanities artist's forum on Tuesday 29 July from 12pm-1pm.

Caroline’s forum, entitled Landscapes of delight and disquiet, highlights select pieces from her visual research currently being exhibited at the CDU Gallery and is accompanied by a catalogue spanning work from her Master of Visual Arts to her most recent work, completed over the last 18 months.

The exhibition will travel to Sydney in September for a comprehensive exhibition.

In this forum, Caroline focuses on both the theory base of her work, and the method. She will provide insights into the experimental nature of her printmaking techniques combined with the more direct intuitive processes of drawing and painting.

Caroline is studying towards her PhD in Visual Arts entitled ‘Unsettling landscapes’, at Charles Darwin University.

This forum takes place in Blue 1, room 1, Casuarina campus.