SAIKS and Governance Program seminar 


Charles Darwin University’s SAIKS and Governance Program in association with NT Division of the Institute of Public Administration Australia, present ‘Leaders and leadership in public sector reform’, by Professor Ian Thynne on Thursday 26 June from 12pm to 1.30pm.

Leaders and leadership clearly matter. This proposition is no less relevant to public sector reform than it is to most other aspects of governance, politics and management.

It recognises that, in seeking to understand the reform of administrative systems, structures and operations, there is definite merit in considering the contributions of senior politicians and administrators. For, whatever the context, political and administrative leaders determine the focus, scope and extent of reform.

Accordingly, any study of reform ideas, initiatives and results, both within and across national boundaries, needs to appreciate the nature and significance of leaders and their involvement.

The leader-leadership feature of reform is usefully addressed in terms of identifiable types of political and administrative leaders in the reform equation. There are at least three couplets of contrasting types: integrators and autonomisers, architects and builders, and mobilisers and restrainers. Each type has their own agendas and commitments, with each leader, in practice, being one or more of the types working alongside or against others involved in reform activity.

These types of leaders in reform will be addressed in Professor Ian Thynne’s seminar and related to various reform possibilities of significance to the NTPS and other systems.

Open to all. Free of charge.

This seminar takes place in the Conference room, level 1, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Pella House, 40 Cavenagh Street, Darwin.