Learnline upgrade 


The following important information is for CDU staff regarding the Learnline upgrade.

Important dates

  • 10-11 June - Semester 2, 2008 units will not be available to any staff (or students) on these two days. Units will be migrated from current version (v6.3) to the new version (v8)
  • 12 June - Staff will be able to access their Semester 2, 2008 units in the new version
  • 26 June - Deadline for Semester 2, 2008
  • 5 July - Semester 1, 2008, Study Period 2 and VET units will be migrated from current version (v6.3) to the new version (v8).

It is important to remember that Semester 1, Study Period 2 and VET units will remain in the current version (v6.3) until 5 July. Staff and students will have continued access to these units until 5 July, when they are migrated to the new version (v8).

Staff log-in changes

On Thursday 12 June staff will be able to access their Semester 2 units on the new version of Learnline. There will be changes to the way you log-in to the new version of Learnline to access your Semester 2 units. You will now be required to log-in using your PC Login and password. Your computer log-in is usually [firstinitial][surname].

You will continue to log-in to the current version of Learnline (Semester 1, Study Period 2 and VET units) with your existing Learnline log-in and password.

Training and professional development

The Teaching & Learning Development Group (TLDG) is hosting a number of professional development sessions on Learnline. View their Professional Development Calendar at www.cdu.edu.au/tldg/pd/calendar.html.

Learnline Drop-In sessions will be an opportunity for academic staff to drop-in and work on Semester 2 Learnline units. Quick tutorials are available at www.blackboard.com/quicktutorials/quicktutorials.shtm.

Information sessions

Over the past month, TLDG staff have been attending school meetings to provide information on the Blackboard upgrade. These sessions give an overview of the new features of Blackboard version 8. If you would like an information session for your school/area, email dahlia.docherty@cdu.edu.au.

If you have any queries regarding the Learnline upgrade, please email dahlia.docherty@cdu.edu.au.