Menzies seminar series 


Dr Allen Cheng presents ‘Mathematical modeling of otitis media and pneumococcal carriage’, on Monday 12 May from 12pm to 1pm.

Mathematical modelling is commonly used in many other disciplines, such as biology, economics and physics. In epidemiology, modelling aims to represent key transmission processes to quantify transmission, identify gaps in knowledge and simulate and evaluate potential interventions.

In recent studies, Dr Cheng and his team have attempted to parameterize a model of pneumococcal carriage to evaluate the effect of vaccination, and a second model of otitis media to evaluate the effect of long-term antibiotic use on severe otitis media.

Dr Allen Cheng is an infectious diseases physician that has recently returned to the Menzies from Melbourne. He has been involved in research into melioidosis (completing a PhD at the Menzies in 2005) and more recently mathematical modelling of infectious diseases.

This seminar takes place in the Menzies Seminar Room, John Mathews Building, Royal Darwin Hospital Campus.