Laughter is the best medicine - Camp Quality Giggle Ball 


The 2008 Camp Quality Giggle Ball will be held at the new Darwin Convention Centre on Friday 27 June.

This will be the first public event at the new Darwin Convention Centre, with pre-dinner drinks, a four course gourmet meal using local produce and flavours, wine and beer. Entertainment by stand up comedian Mark Gladman and the famous CQ giggle robotic bike rider.

There will be a special gift from Camp Quality, live band and dancing, and lots of fun with an unusual raffle and auction. Tickets are priced at $185 per person.

For more details about the 2008 Camp Quality Giggle Ball contact the Camp Quality NT office on 8985 4433.

You canĀ help the Camp Quality Giggle Ball fundraising event to raise money to help children living with cancer in Northern Territory. Children with cancer get it tough right from the moment of being diagnosed, throughout treatment interstate and back in the Northern Territory.

Cancer is a long stressful illness which may take over two years of treatment and a further five years of tests. During this time children and their families spend time away from each other, their friends and their homes.

Camp Quality has a holistic approach to our families as we support all the children in the family. All the children need help as each child is living with cancer and the ramifications of the illness. These children and families need a lot of support and something bright in their future. Camp Quality is passionate about bringing fun and happiness into their young lives.