CDU's Graduate School for Health Practice signs agreement with Indonesian NGO 

CDU Vice-Chancellor Professor Helen Garnett, and Member of the Board of YAKKUM Dr Hamin shake hands after the signing of the agreement

Charles Darwin University’s Graduate School for Health Practice (GSHP) held a ceremony to commemorate the cementing of its relations with the largest non-government organisation in Indonesia.

A Letter of Intent was signed by Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Helen Garnett, on behalf of the GSHP, and Member of the Board of Yayasen Kristen Untuk Kesehatan Umum (YAKKUM) Dr Hamin.

The agreement was drawn up to promote mutual understanding and academic, cultural, and personnel exchange.

YAKKUM is a church-based, non-profit organisation running a comprehensive health care system, providing national leadership particularly in areas of community development, and disaster and emergency in central Java. It is the major NGO involved in leading disaster and emergency in Indonesia.

The GSHP has been working with YAKKUM for three years to set up an off-shore Masters of nursing for their academic staff that began this year.

Two staff from YAKKUM will remain to assist with teaching on CDU’s five-day short course in disaster and emergency.

Staff from the Duta Wacana Christian University in Indonesia also attended the event. They will meet with staff from CDU’s School of Business to discuss possible future collaborations between the universities.