Education seminar 


Professor Ian Falk presents ‘The role and conceptual depth in research products: Contesting interests in research projects’, on Friday 11 April from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

Moving on from the previous seminar in this series, Partnerships in learning across boundaries: Learning and communities, this seminar will take the case of a major series of research projects spanning several years and show how the vested interests of the funding and researcher stakeholders contest the project space for their own ends.

Each party has apparently differing needs from research, yet essentially they are the same: The researcher usually desires an impact on policy achieved through assisting funders, and funders are usually happy when their outcomes show an attention to theory and contain conceptual depth – as long as other needs are met.

Some conclusions are made in connection with enabling the researcher, in the tough funding environment of the present times, to pursue the theoretical and conceptual development of the various strands of their research activity over time, resulting in strong impacts long term.

This seminar takes place in room 43, building 23, Casuarina campus. For further information contact Mary Ann Maddox on 8946 6446.