SER seminar series 


Graeme Sawyer presents ‘Cane toad control in the wet-dry savannas’ on Friday 28 March from 1pm to 2pm.

A lot of work has been done on various aspects of the manual control of cane toads over the past four years and elements of control and management strategies are beginning to emerge from this research.

Most recently FrogWatch completed a research project in January 2008 which provided new hope that a manual control mechanism can be developed that will make a difference in key biodiversity hotspots such as national parks.

The research included toe clipping, transect counts and trapping. Graeme’s talk will focus on what we know about cane toads and how this can be used to minimise the damage they are causing. It will include findings from research done by FrogWatch and fencing trials done by the Stop the Toad Foundation near Timber Creek.

Graeme Sawyer has been involved with FrogWatch since it was created in 1991 and has been interested in cane toads for a long time. He has been actively working on cane toad control strategies and research for over five years and has worked with other groups to develop and refine control strategies.

Graeme has a background in action research in the education field and has applied this methodology to his work on cane toads. He was a member of the National Cane Toad Taskforce in 2003 and has helped to set up community based cane toad control groups in the NT and WA.

This seminar takes place in the main seminar room, building 22 (C22.01).