NTCOSS conference: Territory Fair - How do we get there? 


NT Council of Social Service will host the Social and Community Sector Conference, Territory Fair – How do we get there? from 16-18 April.

As ‘Australian Values’ are being discussed in the media and politics, a new initiative called Australia Fair has undertaken community consultation and polling to find out what the public thinks about the value, definitions and realities of the Australian ideal of a fair go.

Australia Fair found that the 10 key areas to make Australia fair are:

  • Fair Health
  • Fair Services
  • Fair Education
  • Fair Environment
  • Fair Work
  • Fair Community (including safety)
  • Fair Welfare
  • Fair Reconciliation
  • Fair Housing
  • Fair Rights and responsibilities

The conference ‘Territory Fair – how do we get there’ will consider whether the Northern Territory is a fairer place now than it was 20 years ago. It will also consider what we must do in the present to set the foundations for the NT to be a fairer place for and beyond the next 20 years.

The conference will examine practices and policies that the community and welfare sector can use to advance a fair, inclusive and sustainable Territory where all individuals and communities have equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from social and economic life.

Download the conference program (.pdf) for further information about how to get involved.