Communication is the cornerstone to success at uni and work 

'Information Communication Technology at University: Skills for Success'

'Communicating at University: Skills for Success'

Communication is the theme of two foundation texts featured by Charles Darwin University Press this week.

The volumes instruct on the communication and presentation skills required to succeed at university and in a work environment.

The first volume, Information Communication Technology at University: Skills for Success, aims to ensure that students have a good foundation in the use of information communication technology.

The text, by CDU senior lecturer in Education, Professor Greg Shaw, helps students to gain skills and understanding of the Internet, including Internet research and the use of email.

It aims to teach the necessary skills for both students and working professionals for researching and producing written and oral presentations.

It also guides students through the process of producing assignments and reports using a word processor, and instructs on the use of presentation and spreadsheet software.

The second volume, Communicating at University: Skills for Success by Nicola Rolls and Peter Wignell, provides comprehensive information on writing in an academic style for students in any field in higher education.

This is the second edition of the text and offers guidance on editing for correct grammar, punctuation and conciseness as well as verbal communication and presentation techniques.

The authors are experts in the fields of applied linguistics and academic literacy and are actively engaged in related teaching and research at CDU.

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