Research to provide new insight into fight against mozzies 


Research by Charles Darwin University PhD candidate Mohd Azlan has the potential to provide new insight into the fight against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.

A lecturer in conservation biology at the University of Malaysia, Azlan (pictured) came to CDU in January 2007 to begin his PhD researching the long-term effects on mosquito larvae spraying on insectivorous birds and bats.

In collaboration with various agencies, Azlan’s research involves banding and tracking bats and birds, and looking at feeding preferences in relation to mosquito intake in their diets.

Azlan said he chose to undertake his research in Darwin as CDU had the relevant strength and expertise in the subject, including population ecology modelling.

“The experience and appropriate exposure that will be provided by CDU throughout this program should enable me to provide new insights into management and conservation of wildlife in Malaysia and Borneo specifically,” he said.

“The control and wildlife conservation of mosquito-borne disease has been a great challenge in many developing countries including Malaysia.

“The challenge is to find a balance between nature and development and to mediate the effects of poor planning and unprecedented human activity.”

The project will provide a new insight into mosquito control programmes currently in use. With information on many bats and birds species in the Top End being limited, Azlan’s research will provide base line data on ecological aspects of the species studied.

He said that looking at the effects of human activity on natural ecological processes has always been his main interest of research.

“Habitat alteration has always been a major issue in tropical rainforest in relation to conservation and management of wildlife species, and through my research I will provide recommendations to enhance sustainable management,” he said.

If you are keen to participate in Azlan’s research contact him directly at