New Director for CDU's School for Environmental Research 


Prominent Charles Darwin University environmental scientist, Professor Stephen Garnett has been appointed as the new Director of the School for Environmental Research.

Professor Garnett brings a wealth of experience to the role, having spent most of the past 25 years working in tropical Australia.

Professor Garnett is recognised nationally and internationally for his research on conservation management, particularly of threatened species.

He has more recently become involved in a range of research activities related to the knowledge economy in tropical Australia and is interested in the application of tropical knowledge to improve livelihoods and conservation outcomes in the tropics.

Professor Garnett said he believed that CDU could become the global leader on best practices for the management of savannas.

“I am enormously optimistic about what we can achieve in savannas and livelihoods, fresh and salt water, sustainability and climate change – both in the Territory and in our region,” he said.

Professor Garnett joined CDU in May 2004 as Professor of Tropical Knowledge, working in both the School for Social and Policy Research and the School for Environmental Research. Most recently he was co-author of the book “Future Options for North Australia”.

Professor Garnett can be contacted on 0408 832 109.