Exchanging Natural Resource Management Knowledge 


Have you ever wanted to access information that you thought someone at the University might have but didn’t know who to talk to?

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is hosting an upcoming National Resource Management (NRM) exchange workshop on Wednesday, 27 February and it wants your say on how the University can become a more integrated part of the NRM knowledge system for the NT.

Dr Diane Pearson, Community and Access champion for the School of Environmental and Life Sciences, said that the aim of the workshop was to promote a better system for information and knowledge exchange.

“The workshop is a unique opportunity for Natural Resource Management stakeholders to have a say on what CDU should be doing in terms of being a knowledge and information broker for the Territory,” she said.

“If you’ve ever felt that training and education in NRM at CDU could be better directed, or wanted to have some influence in defining future research agendas for NRM in the NT, then this workshop is a must for you.

“The outcome of the workshop will be to set up a network - the NT Applied Landscape Research and Education Network which will hopefully facilitate the establishment of stronger links between training and research conducted at CDU and on the ground practical NRM activity,” Dr Pearson said.

The workshop is being funded by the Exchange incentive which aims to help regional NRM practioners better manage their natural resources  by increasing their access to current knowledge and research on native vegetation and generating new knowledge through links to relevant researchers and organisations.

For more information contact Diane Pearson on 8946 6046 or go to the website http://www.cdu.edu.au/whatson/misc-events/alern08.html