Forum to challenge economic development concepts 


Community economic development specialist and founder of the Sirolli Institute, Dr Ernest Sirolli will challenge conventional economic development concepts during an upcoming forum at Charles Darwin University.

Entitled “Passion, entrepreneurship and the rebirth of local economies”, the forum will focus on Dr Sirolli’s approach to economic development which he pioneered in Esperance, Western Australia in 1984.

His approach is known as Enterprise Facilitation, a concept that focuses on people at the grassroots level bringing about economic change and developing a stable and successful economy.

Italian-born Ernest Sirolli has worked in Africa, Australia and North America for more than 30 years, teaching civic leaders how to transform individual passion and community activism into rewarding and sustainable local businesses.

His ideas have empowered communities around the world to unlock their own local capacity for increased economic and community growth.

The forum at CDU will focus on the contribution the University can make in regional and remote areas of the Northern Territory.

It will be held on Wednesday, 20 February, 1.30pm - 4.00pm in room 23.01.

The forum will be video-conferenced to the Alice Springs campus.