CDU staff taking everything off 

l-r: Elisabet Reiten-Griffith, Amander Dimmock and Jo Gould from the Teaching Learning and Development Group are getting brave for charity

Staff from CDU’s Teaching Learning and Development Group (TLDG) are issuing a challenge to other CDU departments.

Amander Dimmock, Jo Gould, Elisabet Reiten-Griffith and Zac Watt from TLDG are challenging staff to be brave and shave…or colour their hair for charity.

Amander plans to shave her head and she challenges CDU staff to see which department can raise the most money to support this worthy cause.

Elisabet, Zach and Jo all intend colouring their hair. Jo has promised that the sponsor who pledges the most money can choose the colour of her new hairstyle.

Jo is a newcomer to raising money for charity, but after losing a colleague to lymphoma a few years ago, she wanted to get involved in fundraising for cancer-related causes.  She said she wants to “help so that someone else might not have to go through what my friend did”.

The “World’s Greatest Shave” event is taking place on 13 March to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Money raised will directly support patients and their families and assist research into better treatments and cures for leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.

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