Humanitarian expert to give free seminar in Alice Springs 


Alice Springs locals will have a chance to hear in-depth about two of Charles Darwin University’s most popular degrees, the Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies.

Course co-ordinator, Dan Baschiera will visit CDU’s Alice Springs campus on Thursday, 4 December to talk to prospective students about both degrees and provide insight into his 30 years of social work in the Northern Territory.

Mr Baschiera said he believed that the interest being shown in the degrees reflected the developing social maturity in Australian society where people, and in particular young people, are beginning to question the practices which drive mainstream society.

Previously a humanitarian logistician with Medecins Sans Frontieres (also known as Doctors without Borders) behind the diamond fields of Sierra Leone, Mr Baschiera said he thought the new generation was becoming increasingly concerned about the mess that was being left to them.

“People are concerned with the global crisis politically and environmentally and see a humanitarian approach as a way of being able to do something constructive,” he said.

As a part of his presentation Mr Baschiera will cover the specialist unit of Remote Project Experience, the two-week intensive unit which aims to provide students with training in the necessary logistical/practical skills to operate competently and safely in areas of reduced infrastructure and humanitarian risk.

Mr Baschiera also will discuss a humanitarian perspective on the Intervention after recently completing a book chapter entitled, ”The humanitarian perspective in social work education” with co-author, Dr Deborah West.

Mr Baschiera’s seminar will take place on Thursday, 4 December from 1pm at CDU’s Alice Springs campus Higher Education building.

For more information on the Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies, contact Mr Baschiera on 8946 7359 or free call Alice Springs 1800 654 865.