Born just minutes apart, 18 years they later graduate consecutively 

Irene and Marianna Passas 
Irene and Marianna Passas show off their skills

Darwin-born twins, Marianna and Irene Passas, have just graduated from their Certificate III in Hairdressing course which they undertook at CDU’s Palmerston campus.

The non-identical but very alike sisters began their studies on the same day three years ago and they say it’s thanks to their tutors, who constantly motivated them to keep up with each other, that they managed to complete the course together.

Known for doing everything in pairs, they said it came as no surprise to the family that they shared a love of hairdressing.

In fact, with a make-up expert mother and a beauty therapist elder sister, it seems they were both destined for careers in the beauty industry.

But it was their brother, who tragically passed away just under three years ago, who was the real inspiration for the sisters’ studies.

He encouraged them to start the course together and always to help each other along in their studies. Irene and Marianna both said it was the drive “to make him proud” that made them work so hard to complete the course together.

“The whole family have been very supportive, particularly our mum. We couldn’t have got through the course without her support,” the sisters said.

They also agreed that their graduation success should be attributed to the “great teaching” they received at CDU. “We really couldn’t have asked for better mentors.”

One of those mentors was Thematic Team Leader from the Business and Services Industry Division, Bronwyn Hudson.

She said that right from the start it was clear “Irene and Marianna were passionate about hairdressing”.

“We really miss them now they’ve graduated as they were always so enthusiastic and excitable and always a lot of fun to have around the place,” Ms Hudson said.

She said they had been “school children” when they first arrived. “You get this real desire to nurture them through their studies when they start so young and you therefore become very close to their careers,” she said.

Irene now works at the Cut Above Salon in Casuarina and Marianna at Cut and Kurl in Northlakes.