Start off summer with a party! 


Start off summer with a party!   
To celebrate the upcoming summer semester, we’re having a party, and everyone’s invited to join in! 
CDU’s summer semester starts in only four weeks – come and join the party and find out what you need to know about enrolling at the same time. 
Enrolling in summer semester is a flexible way to catch up, spread your load or accelerate your degree. There are 68 units available externally, so there’s plenty to choose from. 
There will be food, music, activities and a chance to win a 6-burner BBQ valued at $450. All you have to do is enter the draw on the day and ensure you hang around to find out if you have won (check the competition terms and conditions for exact details). 
The party will be held on Tuesday October 14, from 12pm to 2pm in the breezeway near the coffee shop on Casuarina campus. 
For more info, log on to StudentNet: or talk to your faculty about the best way for you to take control this summer.