Teaching portfolios and the scholarship of teaching 


Dr Patricia Kelly presents a staff workshop, ‘Teaching portfolios and the scholarship of teaching’, on Thursday 30 October from 12pm. 
Ever thought about applying for a promotion based on your teaching, or applying for a teaching and learning award, but have been intimidated by the work involved in preparing an application? Dr Kelly’s workshop provides the information you need to know about how an evolving teaching portfolio might benefit you. 
This two hour interactive workshop will answer two common questions: 
What is a teaching portfolio? 
Why should I care? 
Explore a model you can use to demonstrate your own scholarship of teaching, discover opportunities to work on your philosophy of teaching, and discuss what constitutes ‘evidence’. 
The workshop will look at why it is important to find ‘your own voice’ and how the concept of ‘global competence’ can support your teaching and scholarship. 
Dr Kelly is an experienced staff developer who has worked at a number of Australian universities. She has successfully mentored many applicants for ALTC Citations and Awards (3/3 in 2008). 
She gained her Fellowship of the UK Staff and Educational Development Association in 2001, and recently completed a two year project on sessional staff development at the University of Canberra. Dr Kelly is currently employed on a transnational staff development project for the University of Tasmania. 
This workshop takes place in Blue 5.1.51. 
Register online at www.cdu.edu.au/tldg/pd/calendar.html or www.cdu.edu.au/tldg/support/scholars.html
Bring your lunch along. Tea, coffee, cakes and fruit will be provided.