Introduction to Learnline workshop is now online! 


The Academic Development Team has developed an online version of the two hour compulsory workshop, Introduction to Learnline. 
The workshop will run online from 3-7 November and is the first trial of the team’s online version of this workshop. Participation is encouraged with a view to providing the team with feedback to make improvements. 
Staff will be given access to a Learnline site (Learnline Central) where they complete a range of activities designed to give them some basic experience with Learnline. 
The module runs for a period of one week where staff complete tasks and interact with other staff and the module moderator (a staff member from the Academic Development Team or guest moderator). 
It is expected that staff need a minimum of two hours to complete the activities. 
Learnline Central also provides other useful information about Learnline, and a range of manuals to assist in using the features of Learnline. 
Please register your interest by completing the online registration process by midday Friday 31 October: