Allison psychs up for study 


Alice Springs event manager and CDU business student Allison Zoellner will maintain her study momentum over summer. 
Allison is enrolling in a psychology unit in Charles Darwin University’s Summer Semester which will allow her to enter 2009 confident that she’ll be graduating earlier than expected. 
As the event manager for the Alice Springs Golf Club, Allison joins many other working students taking advantage of the wide range of summer course offerings. 
Allison said she looked forward to the flexible delivery approach of Summer Semester. 
“Being delivered externally allows me to study around varying work loads and I know lecturers are contactable during most of the semester,” she said. 
A natural interest in psychology was another motivating factor. 
“I’ve always had an interest in people so I’m excited about exploring my experiences and gaining knowledge through the subject,” she said. 
Like many students, Allison said juggling work and study required commitment and discipline, but she enjoyed applying new skills and perspectives to her blossoming career. 
“In many ways, study is an extension of my job and it’s giving me a learning curve I would not have gained otherwise,” she said. 
And taking on a single subject will give her the time to build holiday leave into her summer program. 
“Enrolling in a single unit won’t lock me down over the summer period so I can still take some leave over the Christmas break and recharge my batteries for next year,” she said.