MobilizeThis 2008 


Experts will come together at the 2008 MobilizeThis Youth Symposium to explore emerging technologies, best practices and challenges including censorship in communicating with youth online. 
MobilizeThis 2008 is a free annual event which provides a snapshot of a range of discussions about the practical and constructive use of Information Communication Technology's (ICT) in education and related industries. 
Charles Darwin University Multimedia Lecturer and Symposium convener, Bill Wade said the three-day public Symposium would showcase and discuss the unique series of challenges today’s organisations faced in engaging youth online. 
“MobilizeThis 2008 is about getting connected, exploring and resolving challenges facing organisations as they seek practical means to realising social dividends with clients, creatively engaging in real learning experiences that embrace the horizons and enable others to access what we would otherwise take for granted,” he said. 
“The purpose of MobilizeThis 2008 is to bring educators, e-learning technologists, managers, tech-heads and cross-sector organisation representatives together in a program that fosters conversations, workshops and online experiences to inform practical examples of employing ICT's in an open and global context.” 
Education Developer - Teaching and Learning Development Group, Trevor Billany said the event’s unique makeup meant that participants could be involved either in person or online in real-time via a number of virtual conferencing applications. 
MobilizeThis 2008 will be held from 22 to 24 October in CDU’s Mal Nairn Auditorium or online via virtual conferencing applications. 
Concurrently, the NT Screen and Media community of practice will hold its key forum at MobilizeThis on Thursday, 23 October. MobilizeThis will tap into updates from the EnablingNT “Take it on the Road” – e-learning road show that is occurring the same week throughout the Territory. The event will conclude with an invitation to join the road show closure celebrations at the Darwin Convention Centre on Friday, 24 October and, for late nighters, to join the CDU Bachelor of Creative Arts Contemporary Music students (Fighting Fish), first annual showcase at the Darwin Surf Lifesaving Club later that night. 
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