Menzies seminar series 


Steve Guthridge and Yuejen Zhao present ‘Estimating chronic disease prevalence among the remote Aboriginal population in the NT using multiple data sources’, on Monday 6 October from 12pm-1pm. 
Steve Guthridge and Yuejen Zhao work in the Health Gains Planning branch of the Department of Health and Families. The branch undertakes specialised analysis and reporting in health economics, epidemiology and demography to inform both policy development and service provision within the Northern Territory. 
In this presentation Steve and Yuejen will discuss the application of a capture/recapture method to utilise three administrative datasets to estimate the prevalence of five common chronic diseases among 29 687 Aboriginal residents in 45 remote NT communities. 
The prevalence estimates are markedly higher than estimates from single clinical data sources. The results of the study are important for health service planning and provide a mechanism for the ongoing population surveillance. The study is also important in highlighting an alternative to population surveys, for assessing disease prevalence and unmet health care need. 
This seminar takes place in the Menzies Seminar Room, John Mathews Building, Royal Darwin Hospital Campus.