Investing in Indigenous natural resource management 


Paying Indigenous people for helping to manage the north’s natural resources is the subject of a groundbreaking new book that was launched at Charles Darwin University on December 10.

Investing in Indigenous Natural Resource Management (NRM) assesses the case for investing in NRM in tropical Australia.

The book brings together a range of highly respected authors who understand the economic benefits of Indigenous environmental management.

Director of CDU’s School for Environmental Research and co-editor, Professor Bruce Campbell said Indigenous natural resource management was imperative to the health of Australia’s savannas.

“Indigenous natural resource management is a critical point of connection between the traditional and western economies if such services are paid for,” Professor Campbell said.

“This book looks at the economic arguments surrounding Indigenous natural resource management.”

Indigenous people had long looked after northern Australia’s natural assets and continued to do so largely on welfare handouts even though they had unmatched experience and knowledge of their country.

“My colleagues and I have brought together some of the most influential thinkers about this issue in the north,” Professor Campbell said.

“We were particularly fortunate to be able to call on internationally renowned natural resource economist Professor Marty Luckert, from Alberta, Canada, to draw the ideas together.

“When we came to examine the contributions that are and could be made to the broader public good by Indigenous natural resource management, we were astonished. However, more work needs to be done to quantify the benefits and costs.”

Investing in Indigenous Natural Resource Management  is published by CDU Press.