CDU reaches out to Second Life 


Charles Darwin University (CDU) graphic design and multimedia lecturer, Judith Trezise has reached out to the world in the universe of Second Life as a part of her recent online opening of Delve Deep.

Darwin ‘powerfunk’ outfit Neo and CDU Dean of Law, Business and Arts and classical guitarist, Adrian Walter headlined the opening of Judith’s Delve Deep exhibition of digital art.

Judith said the exhibition had been entitled Delve Deep to entice people to look into their current existence and open their mind to the world of digital art and the 3D spaces.

“The exhibition showcases a range of digital art which I’ve created over the last 12 weeks,” she said.

“Each piece of work has been designed in less than five hours and uploaded to Second Life for viewing.”

In addition, Judith has researched and used Second Life’s tools to create the environment in which the exhibition is being held, this even includes the building.

Judith’s designs have incorporated images from artists around the world, consisting of photographers, sketch artists and her own talents in digital design.

Second Life is a complete online universe with almost 11 million users and a real unit of currency, the Linden dollar. Users create online versions of themselves called avatars and then can interact with other users and create virtual homes, businesses and possessions.

Delve Deep will be open for online viewing until Wednesday, 21 November.

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