Enhancing investment in Indigenous land and sea management 


Recent research from Charles Darwin University and the Australian National University has demonstrated that Aboriginal people are in the best position to secure sustainable management of resources on their country.

Aboriginal Territorians currently own and manage over 40% of the Territory’s land and own 87% of the coastline.

The environmental services provided by Aboriginal rangers have proven invaluable to Australia and greater investment in ranger programs through wages, resources and support will ensure sustainable management of our natural resources and equitable employment opportunities for Aboriginal rangers.

This week’s Indigenous Environmental Service Provision Policy Forum will mark a gathering of great thinkers to consider existing, new and innovative ways to develop efficient, equitable and effective investment in Aboriginal land and sea management.

The Indigenous Environmental Service Provision Policy Forum aims to discuss current and future opportunities and limitations for ‘caring for country’ and articulate Indigenous aspirations and concerns.

Indigenous people, researchers, government policy makers and scientists will participate in robust discussion about environmental services provided by Indigenous rangers and other Indigenous groups.

The forum, to be held at the CSIRO in Berrimah, is supported through the Wentworth Group Science Scholarship program, the Purves Environment Fund, the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, the School for Environmental Research, Charles Darwin University, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, the Natural Resource Management Board of NT and the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA).

A further statement will be issued after the meeting.

For enquiries contact Samantha Muller at smuller@els.mq.edu.au or on 0427 102 696.