Beth reminisces on her time at NTU 


Beth Coulter’s years on the Casuarina campus were filled with many pleasant times and she encourages others to experience university culture.

Beth graduated from the then Northern Territory University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours). Since then she has gone on to even greater academic achievements.

She moved to Sydney in 2004 where she attended the Sydney College of Art and graduated in 2005 with a Masters of Studio Art (Hons).

“I had a great time at university and had immense pleasure in making installations,” she said.

“One of my installations was a maze made from star pickets driven into the hard ground with pig wire forming the walls of the maze.”

Beth is now in her first semester of Law at the University of New England.

“If you’ve been thinking about undertaking university studies, I say go for it. The friends and connections you’ll make will last a lifetime.”