CDU Indigenous Postgraduate Research Seminar 


Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) Indigenous Academic Support Unit (IASU) is extremely proud to present an Indigenous postgraduate and research seminar by a ground breaking Indigenous academic.

Associate Professor Sue Stanton will present, PhD journey: The pursuit of Holy Grail, on Thursday, 11 October at CDU’s Casuarina campus.

Sue Stanton, a Kungarakan-Gurindji woman, will make history as she becomes the first Aboriginal person to receive a Doctor of Philosophy in Arts (thesis based) from CDU as a part of the end-of-year graduation ceremony on 12 October.

Her thesis entitled: ‘Coloureds and Catholics: A Colonial Subject's Narrative of the Factors and Processes that led to the Colonisation and Conversion of Coloureds at Garden Point Mission, 1941-1967’, examines and discusses some of the factors and processes involved in the colonising of the north.

Sue first graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (History) from the former Northern Territory University (now CDU) in 1995. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, which enabled her to complete a Masters (American Indian Studies: Law and Policy – International Indigenous Human Rights Law) from the University of Arizona in 1997.

On her return to Australia she worked in various academic and administrative positions at CDU and the University of Wollongong (UOW), where she is currently an Associate Professor in the School of History and Politics, Faculty of Arts.

Sue said that Coloureds and Catholics was a colonised subject’s historical narrative establishing some of the truths about the forces of colonialism.

“It offers the opportunity for indigenous historians’ voices to address those western voices that ignore the truth and reality of colonisation,” she said.

“The aim of the work is to offer alternative narratives which might encourage different views into mainstream History and Aboriginal Studies curricula. Revised curricula could tell the real history of conquest and oppression so that Australian students may arrive at other ideas and conclusions.

“Throughout the entire academic ride I had to constantly remind myself that I really could make a difference.

“My commitment is that I will continue to promote my Indigenous standpoints especially within Australian history and will continue to regard this academic journey as an extension of my overall communal responsibilities.”

The IASU organised seminar will commence at 11am in seminar room (building 30), School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems, CDU’s Casuarina Campus.

For further information contact Cynthia Coyne (seminar coordinator) on 8946 6339 or