Mobilizethis 07 Youth Symposium 


Leading experts will come together at the 2007 MobilizeThis Youth Symposium this month to tackle the issue of communicating with youth online via today's emergent technologies.

The free public Symposium at Charles Darwin University’s Casuarina campus will showcase and discuss emerging and leading e-learning and m-learning (mobile) technologies.

Multimedia Lecturer and Symposium convenor, Bill Wade said the Symposium would be a breakthrough event that showcased various emerging technologies which were currently used by education providers and young students today.

“If you have an interest in developing and understanding technology and its implications for reshaping the way in which information is accessed now and into the future, then this Symposium is for you,” he said.

“The event is unique in that students can participate either in person or online in real-time via a number of virtual conferencing applications including Second Life rooms."

Mobilizethis07 sessions will cover a range of topics including current research and thinking about best practices, the mobile web craze, regional and remote capacity building, the Northern Territory’s plans for ‘clever networks’, Adobe’s innovative toolset for mobile learning, and youth panels speaking about their online spaces, experiences and expectations.

Academic Consultant Teaching and Learning Development Group, Trevor Billany said that each session would be broadcast through a number of current virtual conferencing technologies.

“Participants will literally be able to walk out of the auditorium, into the foyer and see what the delivery looks like for end users who could be logged into the event from anywhere in Australia, or around the world,” he said.

MobilizeThis Youth Symposium will be held on Friday, 19 October from 8.30am - 4.00pm in CDU’s Mal Nairn Auditorium or online via Adobe Connect, Wimba, Vet Virtual, Elluminate and Second Life rooms.

To participate in this exciting and valuable gathering register through and add your name to the registrants’ list.