International Day of Peace 


Friday, 21 September marks the United Nations International Day of Peace.

To commemorate this significant day, Dr Penny Wurm, President of the Australian Federation of University Women NT Branch (AFUWNT) will present the following books about peace and conflict resolution to the Library at Charles Darwin University:

• E Wertheim, et al.  Skills for resolving conflict: creating effective solutions through co-operative problem solving.  2nd ed.  Emerald, Vic.  Eruditions Publishing, 2006.

• Belyndy Row.  A shaft of light across the land: studies of Australian peace movements since 1930.   Melbourne, Vic.  University of Melbourne, History Dept., 2006.

• Helen Hakena, Peter Ninnes & Bert Jenkins, editors.  NGO’s and post-conflict recovery: the Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency.  Canberra, ACT.  Asia Pacific Press, ANU E Press, 2006.

The UN International Day of Peace was established to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.  It is observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence with an invitation to all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities for the duration of the day.

For peace and non-violence to prevail, the UN states the need to:
• foster a culture of peace through education
• promote sustainable economic and social development
• promote respect for all human rights
• ensure equality between women and men
• foster democratic participation
• advance understanding, tolerance and solidarity
• support participatory communication and the free flow of information and  knowledge
• promote international peace and security.

The AFUW is a member of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) which has NGO member status with the United Nations. IFUW was formed in 1919, a graduate women's response to the aftermath of World War 1 to promote peace, understanding and friendship among the women of the world regardless of race, religion and nationality and to promote the advancement of women and their equal opportunity.

Membership in AFUW is open to all women who hold an undergraduate degree or its equivalent from a University. Women graduates who support the purpose and objectives of the organisation are welcomed as members. AFUW-NT meets regularly.

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