Summer Semester a sizzling start to CDU study 


Territorians traditionally head for the air-conditioned indoors during the wet season and work slowly through their video libraries. But much more can be made of Summer 2007 by hunkering down to study.

Charles Darwin University, for the first time, is offering admission in Summer Semester so that people can start their degree early, fast-track their studies if enrolled already, or to pick up subjects through cross-institutional enrolment.

Summer Semester at CDU, which begins on Monday 19 November, offers varied and flexible opportunities for all kinds of study and personal enrichment.

A range of new and existing undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered as a part of the Summer Semester intake which also includes bridging and enabling programs. All are offered through the external study mode with the exception of Indigenous Pre-Law, Pre-Business, Pre-Arts Program which is offered on campus.

Summer Semester is a great way for students to accelerate or diversify their studies or simply to catch up with or get ahead of their 2008 study load.

Even if potential and current students are planning to be away from home this summer, with the courses being offered externally studying can happen regardless of other plans.

Students enrolled at universities outside the Territory also can take advantage of CDU’s Summer Semester by applying for cross-institutional enrolment. This allows students to study a CDU subject over the Summer for credit towards their degree. Once the home institution gives permission, then an application for cross-institutional entry is simply made through CDU.

CDU is the only university in the Northern Territory and South Australia offering this unique Summer Semester intake, providing the perfect opportunity to speed up progress toward graduation, meet prerequisite requirements, or simply to catch up on that missed unit.

Applications for admission to Summer Semester 2007 at Charles Darwin University are via SATAC (South Australia Tertiary Admissions Centre) and are open now.

For more information on CDU’s Summer Semester, visit or phone 1800 725 357.